A Primer To Hosting And DNS

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You've got a great idea and want to get it online driving visitors to your site! This Smart Guide is designed to help you do just that - no technical experience required!

Whether this is your first idea or one hundredth, managing Domain Name Servers (DNS) and other hosting issues can be complicated and confusing at best. This guide will help you navigate the basics of the process and serve as a reference guide.

We'll walk you through the entire process, starting with:

  • Introduction - we'll start with a quick summary of the internet and how hosting works.
  • Domains & Hosting - in this section, we'll explore the basics of getting a domain name, how to choose a hosting provider and common configurations.
  • Common Troubleshooting - we'll cover what to do if some of the most common DNS and hosting issues arise.
  • DNS Terminology - a section dedicated to DNS and Hosting terminology to help you better navigate this guide.

Get this Smart Guide to DNS & Hosting and get your idea online sooner!

  • Introduction

    • How The Internet Works

    • Domain Names

    • Configuring Your DNS

    • Cache, Your Best Friend, Worst Enemy

  • Domains & Hosting

    • Registering Your Domain Name

    • Choosing A Hosting Provider

    • Common Configurations

  • Troubleshooting

    • Old Website Loading After DNS Change

    • Website Not Loading After DNS Change

    • Caching Issues

    • A Blank Page

    • Error 404 - Page Not Found

    • Error 400 - Bad Request

    • Error 401 - Unauthorised

    • Error 403 - Forbidden

    • Error 500 (Internal Server Error)

  • DNS And Hosting Terminology

    • "A" Records

    • Alias

    • Authoritative Server

    • Caching

    • Client

    • CNAME

    • DDNS

    • Delegation

    • DHCP

    • DNS

    • DNS Resolver

    • Firewall

    • FTP And SFTP

    • FQDN

    • Hostname

    • IP Address

    • MX Record

    • Nameserver

    • NAT

    • Subdomain

    • Tarpitting

    • TTL

    • TXT Records

    • WAN IP Address

    • URL

    • Wildcard


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