The Startup Quick Start Manual

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To quote Paul Singh, founding partner of the popular tech accelerators, 500 Startups:

"85% OF EVERY BUSINESS IS THE SAME. Entrepreneurship isn't rocket science -- it's about being relentlessly effective"

That's why we wrote this Smart Guide. The Startup Quick Start Manual is a step-by-step plan for non-technical business founders, but serves equally well as a reference checklist for serial entrepreneurs and tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

By following this guide you'll be able to implement and track all the various components you should have in place in order to launch your business. Specifically we'll walk you through:

  • Administrative Setup - you'll need to get some core tools in place to help you do important things like: send and receive emails, create and send invoices, take credit card payments online, have a phone number your customers can reach you at and more.
  • Website Setup - now that you've taken care of some of the background stuff, it's time to get a customer facing website up. We'll share some of the most popular platforms depending on your business needs.
  • Website Configuration - getting your website launched isn't quite over. This section will focus on helping you get some of the final details in place like analytics, social profiles and critical pages your site should have.
  • Other Useful Tools - as you launch and continue to run your business you may find you have other needs in terms of making things easier or how to reach more customers. This section will outline other must have tools to help your grow and manage your business.

This Smart Guide is meant as a checklist and reference to help you remember all the important aspects of a business so you can start successfully.

  • Introduction To The Quick Start Manual

    • How To Use This Guide

  • Administrative Setup

    • Email

    • Invoicing And Payments

    • Virtual Phone Systems

    • Physical Workspace

  • Website Setup

    • Hosting: Single Page

    • Hosting: General Website

    • Hosting: E-Commerce

    • Hosting: Applications

    • More Website Hosting Options

  • Website Configuration

    • Analytics

    • Social Profiles

    • Homepage

    • About Us

    • Contact Us

  • Other Useful Business Tools

    • Social Media Management

    • Inbox Management And Email Tracking

    • Team Communication

    • Asset Management


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